The role of Janarukula in empowering the marginalized women to deal with the disaster situations.

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Covid 19 crisis also entails an excellent opportunity to take the alternative actions towards the resilient and sustainable solutions in disaster situations.

Accordingly, Janarukula has decided to undertake participatory research on the lessons learned and alternative solutions possible in dealing with disaster situations with special references to the current Covid 19 pandemic, targeting family members of the Women Cooperative Federation members in urban and semi urban areas.

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Discussion note of the friendly dialog with the community in Kotte underserved settlements.

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Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, having been the national capital of Sri Lanka in the 15th century is a city with a great heritage. After several centuries of neglect the city has once again risen to prominence after its declaration as the administrative capital of Sri Lanka in 1982.

In the process of rapid urbanization, a common phenomenon has been the inadequate housing for the city dwellers and marginalized communities in underserved settlements are the most affected groups.

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